Welcome to Toddle Inn Kennebunk!

The Kennebunk center is the first franchise addition to the Toddle Inn family owned and operated by Kathie Murphy, a 19 year Toddle Inn alumni. Opened in the Summer of 2007, the Kennebunk location brings Toddle Inn’s quality and experience to southern York county conveniently located by the south bound I-95 Kennebunk exit.  This facility boasts state-of-the-art playgrounds, outdoor in-ground heated pool, gymnasium, child created gardens and many center pets.  This site is a Step 2 on the Quality for ME rating system.  Contact a site manager for tuition rates, sibling discounts or to schedule a tour.


Manager: Kathie Murphy
Phone: 207.467.9068
Fax: 207.467.9094
8 Independence Drive
Kennebunk, ME 04043

*Independently Owned and Operated


Our family loves the Kennebunk Toddle Inn! The boys have attended since they were six months old, and I’ve always felt completely comfortable leaving them with such knowledgeable, experienced professionals who genuinely care about kids. I’m thankful we’ve landed in such a great place!”

 Kelley Litwinetz



We feel truly blessed to know that we have a wonderful place for our daughter to spend her time while we are at work. We know that the teachers at Toddle Inn Kennebunk go above and beyond every day! We know that they love and respect our little girl and we can see how much she loves and respects them! We are so thankful for all of the wonderful learning and experiences she receives each and every day and we truly feel like a part of the Kennebunk Toddle Inn Family!

 Anne Bergeron



When I first visited Toddle Inn Kennebunk, I was amazed by the variety of educational opportunities for my child. Their philosophy includes a mixture of classroom learning and real life responsibilities. They offer so many great activities, including: gardens, animals, and various outside guest, such as dance, karate, yoga, storytelling, swimming lessons, etc. They have a fabulous balance between education and free play, allowing the children to learn by experiencing the world around them. I also find it important that they base their curriculum on the local school districts in an effort to prepare the children for the public school setting. The atmosphere is inviting and it is evident that the teachers truly care, not only for the children, but for the families they service. The staff is made up of tenured educators committed to nurturing the children and partnering with parents to provide a positive learning experience, creating a sense of family and trust which resonates throughout the school.

 Mindy Crocker



My son started at Toddle Inn when he was 11 weeks old and was there until he was 5. During this time, I could not have asked for a better experience. It is difficult to leave your child and go off to work, but at Toddle Inn, it truly felt like a second family and this eased some of my anxiety.

Any concerns I had were always addressed quickly, fairly and without question. When I asked about sign language for my son because I felt that he was having trouble with speech, they got right on it. Before I knew it, they had it as part of the curriculum. Maybe that was always part of their plan, but at least I knew my son was getting what he needed. They were always very attentive to my sons needs and were the first to notice the development of some special needs. They worked with me in identifying and contacting key resources and then assisted in the follow through of recommended treatments.

Toddle Inn has become my go to facility when I need assistance with childcare. Whether planned or spur of the moment, they always seem to be able to accommodate me. Here, I was not just another parent with just another child. I was treated with respect, honesty and understanding, and when difficult circumstances arose they made things easier with their caring nature and their willingness to help.

Toddle Inn Kennebunk and their staff are always there when I need them and I don’t trust anyone more with my child. It was a sad day when my child had to move onto elementary school.

Mindy Gilliam

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