School Age Program

Toddle Inn’s Before & After School Programs are offered to children that attend the Public School Systems. We understand how hard it can be for parents to concentrate on work when their child is coming or going from school. The staff at Toddle Inn provides the safety and comfort of knowing your child is where s/he needs to be at a scheduled time.

Half Day Public Kindergarten Program

Toddle Inn will provide lunch and drinks. Parents provide two snacks per day.

Public School – Grades One and Up

Parents provide ALL food and drinks during the school year with the exception of school vacation weeks. During those weeks, Toddle Inn will provide lunch and drinks. During your child’s time at Toddle Inn, they will have the opportunity to engage in education or physical activities with their peers and/or get a jump start on their nightly homework with staff readily available to offer any assistance.

School Vacation/In-Service Drop

There will be no additional charges for Vacation Weeks (except where discounted rates apply), Workshop, Snow Days and In-Service days throughout the school year. During school vacations, we will provide a structured program of activities, including art projects, music, special days, exciting visitors and fun group games during the December, February and April vacations. Detailed information will be sent out prior to the vacation week.