Extra-Curricular Activities Available for Preschool Programs

Field Trips

Throughout the year, Toddle Inn children go on a variety of fun and educational field trips. Some of our past field trips include: 

Apple Picking
, The Maine Children’s Museum, 
Pumpkin Picking/Hayride and 
Maine Wildlife Refuge.  Some field trips require an additional fee.

Swimming Lessons / Open Swim (Age 3 through School Age)

Our summer adventure program includes allotted times for open swim to children ages 3 and older. Lifeguards and staff water safety training are provided by Safety Educators of Maine.  Swim lessons are also taught by their staff for an additional fee.

Karate (Age 3 through Pre-K)

Sensei Andy Campbell of Dragon Fire Martial Arts brings his karate knowledge and experience to the students of Toddle Inn to teach self-discipline, self-restraint, confidence and strength.

Classroom Visitors (Age 2 through Pre-K)

On occasion Toddle Inn provides educational visitors that spend time with the children right in our centers. Some past visitors include: 

Fire prevention classes, 
Local musicians, 
Dental health professionals, 
Storytellers, Police/Firefighters
 and Sparks Ark


Summer Adventure – (Age 3 through school-age)

Toddle Inn runs an eight week summer adventure program in July and August. The focus of the experience is the natural environment along with letting kids have fun and enjoy their school vacation. Activities are based on field trips to many of the wonderful areas in Southern Maine, open swim days, special visitors, arts/crafts and outdoor activities. As the program may vary from year to year, further detailed information can be obtained through the office at each center.

School Vacation Care – (Age 4 through school-age)

For school-age children from the public school system, we offer vacation care programs. We will provide a structured program of activities including art projects, special days, exciting visitors, music and outdoor play during the December, February and April vacations.

Dance Classes – (Age 2 1/2 through Pre-K)

Jazz and Ballet lessons are taught on-site by Scarborough Dance Center at a discounted group rate. Children spend the first half of the year learning proper techniques, and the second half rehearsing a choreographed routine. Classes are optional and last 30 minutes. Parents supply jazz shoes, ballet slippers and a matching costume for the spring recital.  ( Minimum of 7 participants for on-site class to be held)