The Flanagan Family – Cumberland

I have two children that are currently enrolled at the Toddle Inn in Cumberland, Maine. My son Jack will be 4 years old in February and my daughter, Ryan is 15 months. They have both attended school there since they were only a few months old. I had my first child, Jack, in February of 2010. We needed to find full-time child care for him. I was extremely nervous about enrolling him in daycare. But from the moment that I walked in to Toddle Inn until now I have been thrilled about our decision to send him and later my daughter there. As a first time mother I knew very little about how the daycare setting worked. I was impressed with the structure that the Toddle Inn provided for the children even at such a young age. Each classroom is designed to meet the needs of the children in the age group it serves. Not only did the teachers provide excellent care they provided guidance for me as a first time mother. They helped me make decisions about simple but important things like when to switch to solid food, how many naps they should take and for how long and later they gave me great ideas on potty train and getting rid of the pacifier. I was so grateful for all of their advice. I felt comfortable going to them when I had any questions about what was best for my children. To me and my family the Toddle Inn is so much more than a Day Care. It is like an extension of our family. The staff demonstrates over and over again the love they have for their jobs and the kids. What they do is not an easy job. And they do it with such joy. The program at the Toddle Inn is incredible. The curriculum is well thought out and has provided a strong foundation for both my children. The facility is spotless, the food is healthy and the staff is excellent!! I love the wide variety of special activities that are planned for the kids. Things like dance class, karate, library time, field trips, holiday celebrations; the list is endless. I could not believe all of the dedication and hard work that goes into making the kids’ experience really special. I cannot say enough about Toddle Inn and what it has meant to me and my family. My children would not be the same had it not been for the Toddle Inn and the teachers that work there. The Toddle Inn not only provides a safe and affordable place for me to bring my children while I am working but they provide a reliable, consistent community that has been instrumental in the growth and development of both my children. I have and will continue to recommend Toddle Inn to anyone I know in need of daycare.

From: The Flanagan Family
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