The Goodall Family – Gorham

My daughter has been attending Toddle Inn Child Care in Gorham for 2 & ½ years. The results have been outstanding! She has made a handful of close friends at school, and she is happy to go to school and spend time with her friends as well as her teachers. The artwork and activities the teachers select for our children to make are extremely creative and beautifully heart-warming. Every couple of weeks there is new artwork posted outside the classroom doors, on the bulletin boards, or pictures of field trips they’ve taken, or what they’ve been learning. Summertime at school finds the ice cream truck delivering goodies to the her, or playing outside in water activities, to swimming lessons, and every week a new Summer Adventure Field Trip! Fall and Winter at school finds her in dance classes, karate classes, sign language classes, cooking classes, and more! The end of Spring finds a special dance show/performance from each of the classes. The end of each summer will find an art show/exhibit for parents to attend so the children can proudly show some of the special pieces they’ve created and saved throughout the year. I’ve seen her grow through three classrooms, and soon she will be off to the next one. All of the teachers handle the children with love, and patience and care. Every day it seems as though she has learned something new, and she teaches me about some of the activities or songs she has learned. Toddle Inn (Gorham especially) has very well though-out and well put together programs which are continuously growing and changing to keep up with the trends and demands of the daycare industry as well as their growing location. Kim Walker is an amazing Director and ALL of the teachers are exceptional! I’m so very thankful and happy that my daughter attends this daycare; I know that she is in the very best care that I could have ever asked for. Thank you Toddle Inn!! We love you!!!

From: The Goodall Family
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