The Martel Family – Auburn

Being a first time mother and a library employee I had done a TON of research regarding at home care vs. center care. I was fortunate enough to stay at home with my son until he was 8 months old. At that point I had to return to work to help support our family. It was a difficult decision to make.I visited and interviewed 6 local daycare centers in addition to the Toddle Inn. The Toddle Inn, by far, excelled over all of the other sites. When you are working, the people who take care of your child are helping to raise him into the person that he will become. These people spend 8 or more hours a day with my little honey. It was very important to me that the people around him truly cared about him as an individual. The teachers at the Toddle Inn truly do care about each individual child, that child’s well-being and their development. The teachers work not only with the children but also with each parent. I have received so much useful advice and feedback, it is like having my own team of child development professionals to help me give my son the best life possible. Every question I have had has been answered with the utmost patience and understanding. Additional resources have always been pointed out.The Toddle Inn has a curriculum for children, even in the infant room. My son was painting before he was walking. He was doing crafts that I never would have thought of that increased and strengthened his motor skills. The Toddle Inn helped me to identify my son’s musical talent and provided opportunities for him to grow his natural abilities.The campus is absolutely amazing with several playgrounds geared towards specific age groups. It has two gyms, a library, swimming facilities and even offers extracurricular activities for all children to participate in. Every age group receives “cooking” lessons for no extra charge. Field trips are available for the older children to participate in as well.Family activities are important as they bring the special people in a child’s life together. The summer party, Thanksgiving Feast and Christmas activities bring all of the parents and children together.I would recommend the Toddle Inn to everyone with children. With reduced rates as of this September there is no reason that anyone should choose another provider. Each day my son looks forward to seeing his friends and going to “school” at the Toddle Inn. I am so grateful for each teacher that has worked with my son. Thank you for all that you do!

From: The Martel Family
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