The Silver Family – Cumberland

Five years ago, we found ourselves in a situation where our daycare was about to close and we needed somewhere safe and reliable to turn to – fast. We called Toddle Inn and the management jumped to action. Not only did they make room for our family, but also made room for friends of ours in a similar situation and hired some of the staff from our former daycare center that we all loved and trusted. Since that time, the staff at Toddle Inn has taken wonderful care of our two children and have been instrumental in helping them grow and thrive. I was struck by this today as I watched two members of the staff, who have become like our extended family, celebrate with true enthusiasm and warmth my youngest child’s latest accomplishment. Similarly, I watched these women interact with my daughter who no longer attends Toddle Inn, as they welcomed her back like a long-lost friend. We’ve met many wonderful families through Toddle Inn and, for us, these people and many of the staff members from Toddle Inn have made all the difference as we navigate the waters of raising our family.

From: The Silver Family
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