The Thurston Family – Scarborough

We enrolled our daughter at the Scarborough Toddle Inn based on recommendations from close friends. From her first day as a 3 month old, her teachers have treated her like their own- it is obvious how much they love these babies. They have taken a special interest in our daughter’s well-being and have been incredible resources to us as new parents. The care only got better when we found out that she had food allergies. Everyone on staff has worked to make us feel comfortable and we know she is safe while we are at work. I so much appreciate the special attention and safety measures that are taken each day to keep my daughter safe. It is also apparent how much fun she has while she is there and I know that she is working towards her developmental goals with age appropriate activities with her classmates. We are very happy being part of the Toddle Inn family!

From: The Thurston Family
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