Preschool Child Care

2 1/2 – 4 years old

In the preschool years children become deeply invested in furthering their independence, developing close relationships with their peers, and asking (many, MANY) questions to better understand their world.  Teachers at Toddle Inn guide children through their learning with activities and explorations that engage children through play. Our educators understand that children learn through multiple methods and provide opportunities for children to learn in a manner that best suits their style. 

Curriculum is responsive to children’s developmental readiness and incorporates children’s interests which helps children mature socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Children follow a predictable rhythm in their daily routine and participate in community jobs in their classroom – developing confidence, independence, and positive self-esteem.  

This is a great time where children begin to expand their awareness from a very egocentric perspective to a realization of a more complex relationship between themselves and others.  As young children begin to develop their identities, they start to identify their favorite things – colors, toys, games, friends – and to associate these and other symbols with their own identity. 

Towards the end of this preschool time many children begin showing more representation in their artwork and show interest in writing using scrawling scribbles, symbol-like letter forms, and eventually letters.  Special interest is given to the most important letters of all – those in their names. Toddle Inn teachers gently help children expand their interest in these pre-academic skills, without rushing or pushing children too quickly and allowing their learning to blossom authentically.

Preschool children at Toddle Inn participate in a hands-on learning process throughout the year – planting flowers, problem solving, digging in snow, splashing in water, sorting colors, and creating art.  Classrooms are grouped by developmental readiness and age: 2 ½-3-year olds or 3-4-year olds.

Many children are potty training during this time.  Please provide diapers or pull-ups and wipes as needed as well as several extra changes of clothes.  Thank you!

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