Infant Care at Toddle Inn Child Care

6 weeks – 1 year

Placing an infant in Day Care can be an emotionally wrenching experience, and we take the privilege very seriously.

A child care provider is a person to whom you entrust your child. As your child care provider, our views must be the same – we must be compatible – the flow of philosophy between us the same.

The care of an infant is a challenge that requires knowledge and effort. A good caregiver is responsive, one who hugs, rocks, responds to the baby’s smile, talks with the baby, is a playful partner who introduces new ideas, objects and games.

A good caregiver respects the baby’s individuality, has a clean, safe surrounding with interesting and stimulating things to explore.

You may be concerned about leaving your child with someone, but remember that children gain from having warm affection from people other than parents, and you continue to be the primary person in their lives. You are the most important person to your child. As your child’s caregiver, we will play a vital role.

Your child will be receiving high quality care. The first year is the most important time in a child’s life, it can influence their physical and emotional well-being and can also increase their IQ through Infant Stimulation, using visual aids, songs, fine motor activities and sensory projects to engage all five senses.

 Please have your child fed and dressed before arriving.


Parents provide diapers, wipes, two changes of clothes, filled and labeled bottles of formula or milk, baby food and cereal.