The Peterson Family – Westbrook

We have been at Toddle Inn Westbrook since November 2020.  My youngest son started at just 12 weeks and my older son was 4.  I have been so impressed with the center, the teachers and the curriculum. The teachers are so caring and dedicated.  Both my children love going there and are excited for drop off every day.  They are always happily greeted with big hugs by the staff.  Some days it’s tough to get my three year to leave the playground to go home!

Toddle Inn keeps me updated on their daily activities through messages and alerts in the Brightwheel app.  I can see pictures and also send messages directly to staff with any questions or concerns.  Healthy lunch is provided every day and I don’t have to worry about packing one. They have a lot of outside play time which my kids love. I am so impressed with their individualized care for my children.  They meet regularly with parents via teacher conferences to discuss child development and provide updates on my children’s’ progress throughout the years (which was not done at the previous daycare centers we attended).  They also have many enrichment opportunities such as yoga and karate.  My older son attended pre-k at Toddle Inn which we felt gave him an advantage in Kindergarten.  He now attends the summer program and loves it! On top of everything they do, the team is always going above and beyond.  They plan many activities, outside of school hours, such as picnics, BBQs, book fairs, talent shows and apple picking, just to name a few.  These really make us feel like part of the family.

We love Toddle Inn in Westbrook so much.

From: The Peterson Family
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